A greener way to grow

Our 91-acre solar plant in Lost Hills, California

Thanks to our 91-acre solar plant in Lost Hills, we’ve reached 90 percent renewable electricity at our pistachio plant. In May 2022, POM Wonderful celebrated the completion of its solar farm, which will be fully operational in 2023. The five solar facilities at our orchards also deliver 25 megawatts of capacity, enough power to grow almost half of our pistachio, almond, and pomegranate crops.

Of course, because solar panels only produce electricity from daylight, it’s essential we use batteries to store all that sunshine. In 2021, we implemented our first 630-kilowatt lithium-ion battery at our Wonderful Nursery’s solar installation. Now, along with our 2.6-megawatt solar plant, we’re able to consistently meet the facility’s entire power demand using only solar energy.

We also have plans to add battery storage capacity to our solar sites at Wonderful Orchards and Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds, getting us closer to our goal of 100 percent renewable electricity by 2025.

In the face of a rapidly changing climate, The Wonderful Company has placed environmental sustainability at the center of our work. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and building a more sustainable future extends beyond pursuing the known environmental improvements of today.

Steven Swartz

Chief Strategy Officer The Wonderful Company

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