Providing on-campus Student Wellness Centers at WCPA

Ensuring Central Valley students have access to free quality health care from preschool to high school

A big part of our initiative to improve the health and wellness of the families who live and work in the Central Valley has been to educate kids about the importance of health while they’re young. A healthy generation of kids, we believe, becomes a healthy generation of adults.

So, to help put every student on a lifelong path of wellness, we opened Student Wellness Centers on the Wonderful College Prep Academy campuses in Delano and Lost Hills. The Student Wellness Centers provide students and staff a comprehensive set of health services, including well-child checkups, sports physicals, immunizations, and treatment for illnesses and injuries, as well as access to mental health counseling—with both group and individual therapy—all for free.

To create a healthy community, you need high-quality health care that’s affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. To sustain a healthy community, you need to teach healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Larry Wolk

Chief Medical Officer, The Wonderful Company

Student Wellness Centers are open every day during school hours, so students have access to high-quality medical care without having to miss school. And their parents have the choice to not take time off from work to take their kids to the doctor.

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