Responsible water recycling

Managing and minimizing water usage proactively

As climate change raises temperatures and disrupts weather patterns, droughts are becoming more severe and more frequent. Anyone who lives in the Western United States can attest to the serious water crisis we are living through.

As an agriculture company that relies on water for the health of our crops, we know that managing water resources is an urgent challenge in California and around the world. It’s why we have an entire department dedicated to optimal irrigation management.

We monitor and adjust our water usage daily based on a growing network of real-time environmental data. One hundred percent of our operations uses micro-irrigation, which is nearly twice as efficient as traditional surface irrigation. Additionally, we take 2,000-plus measurements of tree water status and soil moisture each week to ensure we don’t waste one drop while keeping our trees hydrated and healthy.

Recycling Water From Our Pistachio Processing Plants:

· Capture 2,400-3,300 acre-feet per year of process water from the Lost Hills and Kings pistachio processing plants

· Build storage reservoirs to store the water during fall and winter, and a conveyance to irrigate pistachio orchards during spring and summer

· Water to be blended and passed through filter stations before applying on pistachio trees

· When blended, the process water can irrigate approximately 1,700 acres of pistachio trees

· What we have done so far: in 2019 we built a pilot project (retention pond) at our Kings plant. The project was designed to captured 150 acre-feet of water.

· Over the last three years we have been applying the captured process water to pistachio orchards and assessing the agronomic benefits of this approach

· Once we have fully vetted the system and the agronomic benefits we would like to proceed with the full-scale project

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