A healthy place to work

Fostering a culture of health and wellness at the workplace

Wonderful Health & Wellness isn’t just about providing our employees and their families with necessary medical care. It’s about integrating a culture of wellness into the workplace and throughout the day.  

Eliminating barriers to physical wellness

To make eating healthy easy, we have on-site cafeterias, such as The Orchard, La Cocina, and Halos Café, that serve affordable, healthy meals. Fresh fruit, nuts, vegetables, and other healthy snacks are always available for free in the break rooms. There are no sugary soft drinks or energy drinks at any of our facilities. And we even offer a fresh produce market, the Mercado, at certain locations where our employees can shop for high-quality, nutritious staples like milk, eggs, fruit, and vegetables to take home.  

To integrate physical wellness into every workday, we have fully-equipped gyms on site at certain locations staffed with knowledgeable trainers who work with employees to put together the right exercise plan for them. Physical therapists are also on hand to help with any issues or injuries. These facilities are open before, during, and after work. And if employees can’t make it to the gym, the gym comes to them. We offer Zumba classes at the plants during breaks, as well as our new Move 10 Program, where our physical fitness team works with Wonderful employees for a 10-minute easy movement exercise class.  

To further improve the culture of well-being for our Wonderful employees, we’ve created Nourishing Our Wellness (NOW). It’s a go-to source for nurturing a healthy mind, strong body, full spirit, and a deep sense of community. Connection is an essential component of nourishing wellness and now it’s easy to engage through a single online hub that can be accessed anytime via phone or computer with a wide variety of wellness offerings including healthy recipes, foods for good moods, stress management tips, on-demand fitness, and meditation sessions. 

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