Wonderful in Fiji

Supporting our Fijian neighbors

Fiji is 5,500 miles away from the Central Valley, but that doesn’t stop us from calling it home. The remote South Pacific nation is the site of our FIJI Water operations and one of the world’s last virgin ecosystems.

With a focus on the provinces of Ra and Ba, where the majority of our FIJI Water employees live and work, we collaborate with local partners to strengthen Fijians’ health, education, families, and futures.

Our Priorities in Fiji


Investing in education to bring innovative academic resources to classrooms

Water, sanitation,
and hygiene

Funding clean and sustainable water solutions for rural communities

Health and

Improving access to local
health care resources


Preserving and protecting Fiji’s natural resources for future generations


Providing resources and assistance before, during, and after catastrophic events


Advancing economic opportunities for Fijians through strategic partnerships

FIJI Water Foundation

We founded the FIJI Water Foundation to help the Fijian people lead healthier, happier lives. Through the Foundation, we provide clean water access to rural communities, build educational facilities and other infrastructure, offer access to health care services in underprivileged communities, and more.

Programs in Fiji