Protecting Fiji’s indigenous rain forest and the people who live there

Alongside Conservation International, the FIJI Water Foundation is fighting to conserve the Sovi Basin

Fiji is one of the most magnificent places in the world. It’s also part of a crucial ecosystem that many in Fiji rely on for clean water, food, and jobs in tourism and agriculture. Fiji is home to hundreds of our employees and the incomparable FIJI Water. So, we feel a deep commitment to protecting Fiji’s biodiverse forests and the threatened species that call it home.

Working alongside Conservation International, the FIJI Water Foundation has been able to help conserve 40,000 acres of Fiji’s largest remaining indigenous rain forest, the Sovi Basin. An FJ$10-million endowment helps make it possible to prevent future logging and degradation in the basin—a critical step in preserving Fiji’s environment.

The Wonderful Company has also spent FJ$7 million developing a number of reforestation initiatives in the Nakauvadra Forest. We partnered with 28 villages and 500 communities to restore and repurpose degraded grasslands and abandoned sugarcane farms by replacing them with native fruits and spice trees, as well as high-value timber such as mahogany and teak. The forest is now home to 325,000 new trees, helping preserve hundreds of unique plant and animal species and protect critical watersheds.

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