WONDERFUL Communities

Investing in the communities where we live, work, and play

Our emphasis on place-based giving means we focus on the communities our employees call home. Whether that’s in California’s Central Valley, the villages of Fiji, or anywhere else, we believe focusing our efforts on the community level is the most effective way to make a positive, lasting impact.

Investments made over


in health care, education, and sustainability resources and support in California's Central Valley



to nonprofits and schools through Wonderful Giving, which empowers employees to donate company dollars to a cause of their choice

Total grants distributed


in community and classroom grants across California and Fiji to support thousands of teachers, schools, and nonprofits

Affordable homes built


to increase access to high-quality affordable housing in Lost Hills, California

Featured Story

A Central Valley
Town renewed

Doing our part to be a Wonderful Neighbor in Lost Hills, California

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