Ensuring Fiji’s Yaqara Valley communities thrive

Equipping our FIJI Water employees with resources to live safer and healthier lives

The Yaqara Valley isn’t just home to a pristine watershed and many FIJI Water employees. It is also home to five villages that derive their livelihood from the land. The FIJI Water Foundation is strongly committed to supporting ongoing projects that ensure these communities remain clean, healthy, lush, and thriving for generations.

Some of the initiatives we are proud to support include building and maintaining:

  • Clean water sources for all five villages, such as constructing boreholes
  • Community health centers  
  • Classrooms and teacher housing at the Drauniivi Primary and Secondary schools
  • Construction of bus shelters and sheltered walking paths for school children

Additional initiatives include providing tutoring programs for students who are below grade level and the installation of solar panels to power water-extracting boreholes during natural disasters.

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