Addressing sustainability for today and the future

The Wonderful Company puts environmental sustainability front and center

As an agricultural company, everything we do is dependent on climate and therefore directly impacted by climate change. Simply put, without a healthy climate, our product output declines, as does our ability to create jobs, healthy social systems to support our communities, and healthy products for our consumers. And, of course, we all must do what we can to mitigate the implications of warmer planet.

It’s no secret that our climate is changing rapidly and dramatically. We also know that carbon emissions from human activity are the root cause. We find ourselves facing rising temperatures, increasing extreme weather events, droughts, floods, and all manner of natural responses to an environment increasingly overloaded with carbon. Reducing our carbon footprint now, and setting a blueprint for the future, couldn’t be more imperative. We are fully engaged in meeting this challenge head on.

The agricultural sector is one of the global industries most immediately impacted by the effects of climate change. As the largest agriculture business to join RE100 to date, we’re delighted to see The Wonderful Company commit to 100% renewable power and we encourage all their peers to join them.

Amy Davidsen

Executive Director, North America, The Climate Group

Our Sustainability Pillars

Addressing climate change through five fundamental pillars.

We believe The Wonderful Company, in all its operations, must be a deeply responsible steward of the environment. To reduce our carbon footprint, we are implementing research-based action in five key areas: agriculture, energy, packaging, waste, and water.

Agriculture: Strive for sustainable agriculture

Energy: Pursue renewable energy and electrification

Packaging: Balance shelf-life and sustainable materials

Waste: Promote circularity through waste reduction and re-use

Water: Conserve and replenish

Our commitment extends beyond pursuing the known environmental improvements of today, which is why we invest in leading edge scientific research and employ innovative solutions to challenge ourselves with ambitious improvement goals.

We work hard to conserve natural resources and minimize our company’s impact on the environment. At the same time, we embrace and support cutting-edge environmental research that will push the boundaries of what’s possible tomorrow. This is crucial to our mission of creating healthy products, harvested by healthy people, for a healthy planet.

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