Being mindful of students’ mental health

Making mental wellness a priority

Millions of children across the country have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The emotional impact of lockdowns, isolation, and even the loss of loved ones has been devastating for everyone, especially children. And the children of the Central Valley were particularly hard-hit.

While the emotional well-being of students has always been an integral part of the Wonderful College Prep Academy's holistic approach to wellness, we knew that to help address this health emergency, we needed to bolster our support. The Student Wellness Centers hired more therapists to work with WCPA students both individually and in group settings, now offering a team of five student stress support specialists that support school psychologists and counselors.

And the demand for these services was high. In fact, the week after Christmas break in 2020 alone, WCPA therapists saw 270 students for mental health on campus. As the centers see the average number of visits climb year-over-year, they will continue to provide robust mental health resources for students.

Often, it’s the teacher who identifies kids who seem to be having issues and can make a referral. Early detection and care can make a world of difference to the mental health and well-being of a student.

Brenton Deflitch

High school principal, Wonderful College Prep Academy (WCPA) Delano

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