Eliminating barriers to mental health

Prioritizing the mental well-being of our employees

We understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. But, far too often, it goes overlooked and undiagnosed. To help de-stigmatize and prioritize mental health and wellness, we’ve made employee access to mental health care readily available.  

Wonderful employees in the Central Valley now have access to bilingual therapists who can work with them one-on-one or in a group setting, addressing their individual needs and helping them through all of life's challenges. Today, our Health and Wellness Centers receive over 3,000 visits per year.

We also offer free telehealth capabilities, allowing long-distance contact with their primary care provider during clinic hours or with a medical professional by making a virtual appointment through Teladoc 24/7.

For domestic employees, we have also partnered with mental well-being benefit provider Spring Health. Spring Health offers services such as therapy, coaching, meditations, and more. Care Navigators are assigned to each individual to help guide them in their journey, at no cost to employees or their families. And of course, using Spring Health is completely confidential and personal information is never shared.

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