Nurturing lifelong healthy habits at Wonderful College Prep Academy

Prioritizing healthy minds and bodies starting from an early age

The key to putting every student on a path to lifelong wellness is to start when they’re young. A healthy generation of kids becomes a healthy generation of adults. That’s why we support Wonderful College Prep Academy in offering top-quality, full-service Health and Wellness programs at the Lost Hills and Delano campuses.

Student Wellness Centers

The Student Wellness Centers at WCPA are open every day during school hours, and visits are free and available to students and staff alike. They are staffed with highly skilled, compassionate, bilingual doctors, nurses, and therapists. In addition to checkups, immunizations, sports physicals, and treatment for illnesses and injuries, students can receive mental health counseling for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, including group and individual therapy.

Among the many benefits of having wellness centers on campus is that they give parents the choice to allow students to attend scheduled appointments without leaving campus or requiring a parent to leave work.

Research shows that when you have health centers in schools you see healthier kids overall, higher attendance, and better academic performance.

Dr. Larry Wolk

Chief Medical Officer, The Wonderful Company

Given the widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly on children, we have partnered with WCPA to increase access to mental health services and counseling sessions to help students manage the stresses of these extraordinary times, and not a moment too soon. Throughout the pandemic, there was a 280 percent increase in students utilizing these services.

Teaching healthy habits that last a lifetime

Creating healthy behaviors is at the foundation of everything WCPA does. Which is why we worked with WCPA to assist in developing several programs aimed at helping students understand the importance of diet, nutrition, and physical and mental wellness. The healthy habits they learn here are healthy habits they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

Learning Garden and Teaching Kitchen

WCPA’s Learning Farms were planted with one notion in mind: to grow generations of healthy students. From farm to table, students learn to grow and harvest fruits and vegetables. In the Teaching Kitchen, they are taught how to make well-balanced meals from scratch with their homegrown harvest. By giving students the chance to grow their food, cook it, and eat it, WCPA helps build a culture of healthy eating that continues outside of the classroom.

Harvest Hall

WCPA's cafeteria, Harvest Hall, offers free healthy and tasty meals made from scratch three times a day, every day. Not only do they nourish our students, but they also help form healthy eating habits and educate students about the school's farm-to-table focus. In fact, 100% of the produce that is grown and harvested at the campus learning farms is used for meals in Harvest Hall.

Soldiers of Change

WCPA is proud to offer a nutrition-focused elective course that inspires students and families to lead healthier lives. In the ninth grade, all students complete an introduction to nutrition course. In the tenth grade, students launch fun and creative marketing campaigns focused on healthy eating and living. From social media to market research, students are equipped with the tools to successfully launch marketing campaigns covering topics like nutrition, stress, and mental well-being.

Fitness and Mindfulness Studio

Exercise and mindfulness are proven to reduce health risks, improve mental health, and are among the best ways to prevent illness. Developing these habits now will help our students long after they leave WCPA.

The state-of-the-art Wonderful Fitness Center offers a dedicated space to introduce elementary students to strength and balance exercises, a training room with cardio and weight training equipment is available for older students, and a beautiful yoga and meditation studio can help any student learn to use breathing and yoga to calm the mind.

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