The Haas Sisters of Lost Hills create opportunity through art

Transforming lives in partnership with American artisans, the Haas Brothers

Many Lost Hills women possess extraordinary talents passed down over generations. In February 2018, a group of these industrious women began training under renowned artists Niki and Simon Haas (the Haas Brothers) to create and sell fantastically creative artwork.

Using complex beading techniques to form larger bodies of work, the Haas Sisters, as they’ve come to be known, are true artisans, and have helped transform Lost Hills into an artists’ colony.

As artists, we strive to help people discover beauty in unexpected places. That is exactly what Lynda Resnick did for us when she introduced us to the amazingly talented women of Lost Hills. This vibrant community has made immeasurable contributions to our work and lives, and we are proud to play a small part in Lynda’s efforts to give back.

Simon Haas


The Haas Brothers and Haas Sisters partnership shifted the social paradigm in the Lost Hills community. Many of the Haas Sisters have since become significant wage earners in their families, paying down debts and saving for their kids’ education. They’ve also forged deep and lasting bonds with each other, strengthening relationships and fostering a strong sense of community.

Children’s National Hospital

“Tree To Be Me” is prominently displayed at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. Photo credit: Rebecca Drobis

RxART, an organization that brings art into children’s hospitals to make the spaces feel more inviting, asked the Haas Brothers to build a beaded tree for kids to enjoy during their time in the hospital. Three of the Haas Sisters beaded and weaved a new tree dubbed “Tree To Be Me". As of 2021, "Tree To Be Me" has been prominently displayed at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C.

Meet the Microfreaks

Building on the success of previous collaborations like “Tree To Be Me,” the Haas Sisters and Haas Brothers launched their current project: “Microfreaks.” Crafted in the Haas Brothers’ signature playful and colorful style, each limited-edition, handcrafted small-beaded sculpture has a wonderfully unique story.

A seaside slacker, Lip Tide is known to sit back in the sand unless a swimmer needs saving. Then this gallant guardian rises to the rescue. Dr. Licky is a regarded researcher of the rain forest who uses her towering tongue to taste-test new tonics she can share with society. A lava-dwelling, high-alert heroine, Hot Shot is perpetually preoccupied with potential peak peril.

Retailing at $1,500 each, the Microfreaks are part of a collection designed to make the Haas Brothers’ art accessible to a much larger fan base. In November 2019, Sotheby’s Home was thrilled to be the exclusive seller of Microfreaks, sharing the project with its art-devoted audience.

The Haas Sisters are now published artists who not only earn a living for themselves but contribute to improving the lives of others. Thirty percent of profit from their artwork goes back to the community and people of Lost Hills, further impacting the lives of their families, their neighbors, and of course, themselves. Their story is proof that community art can transform lives.

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