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Enhancing students’ education with music, healthy living, and robotics programs

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A comprehensive education requires much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Music, the arts, the humanities, and engineering are equally as important to the development of the whole child, inspiring creativity, ingenuity, problem solving skills, and much more.  Through a unique partnership, we support WCPA to provide a world-class K-12 education.

In addition to standard subjects like history, math, and science, WCPA offers unique programs designed to stimulate creative young minds in fresh and exciting ways.

Robotics. As an important part of the agriculture business, robotics is introduced to WCPA students starting in elementary school and goes through high school. It’s a fun and engaging way to help students develop computational thinking, math, and other useful skills.

The robotics teams at WCPA Delano and Lost Hills are then able to apply their learnings at the FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) LEGO® League, a hands-on global robotics program designed for children ages 4 to 16. The WCPA Delano robotics team have won the 2021 and 2022 Central California Championships and 2021 Coach/Mentor of the Year, while first-time competitor WCPA Lost Hills’s robotics team won the 2021 1st Place Core Values Award for demonstrating teamwork throughout the challenge.

Music. Recent studies show that children who listen to and engage with music can reduce stress and improve parts of the brain responsible for memory, emotion regulation, and motor coordination, which is why every WCPA middle school student learns how to play a musical instrument. The experience offers students a powerful form of creative expression, teamwork, and discipline.

Spearheading the first WCPA music program of its kind, Mariachi Program Director Juan Morales teaches students this beautiful and culturally rich musical art form. Currently, 120 elementary school students participate in the mariachi program.

Our youth are thirsty for means of artistic expression that allow them to be who they are without having to disconnect from their roots, and mariachi music serves as a passage to bridge the intergenerational gap. I’ve dedicated my career to the preservation of this art form and am honored to be taking this exciting next step with the support of WCPA, a school that has afforded my family and the communities of Delano and Lost Hills so many life-changing opportunities over the years.

Juan Morales

Founder and Director, The Mariachi Studio

Sports. Athletics are an essential part of school life, promoting health, community, and of course, fun. The WCPA athletics program includes 24 sports teams for grades sixth to twelfth grade, and an open track during lunch so students can establish their own daily fitness routines. Fully equipped gyms and dedicated trainers are also accessible on the middle school and high school campuses for students to build fitness skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

For more information, visit www.wonderfulcollegeprepacademy.org/

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