Building the foundation for a bright future

Wonderful Preschool sets Central Valley students up for a lifetime of success

The early years of a child’s education are critical in laying a life-long foundation for future success. Research shows that high-quality preschool programs significantly increase high school and college graduation rates. In California’s Central Valley, where most of our employees live and work, there was a glaring lack of quality preschool options. So, we created them.  

Wonderful Education offers nationally accredited, subsidized preschools for the children of our Central Valley employees, the children of Wonderful College Prep Academy employees, and the children of our local first responders. Our two preschools in Delano and Lost Hills operate year-round, 12 hours a day, giving our employees peace of mind knowing their children are in a safe, nurturing environment.  

Here, learning is introduced in ways that will position them for success throughout their school years. For example, developing a strong vocabulary is directly correlated with exposure—one of the best methods to learn new words is to practice them with others—so vocabulary acquisition is a crucial part of our preschool. Just as eating a healthy diet is. Our preschoolers not only enjoy three healthy and delicious meals each day, but they also get their hands in the dirt, learning to grow and cook their favorite healthy foods.

Our preschool program offers:

  • Caring, dedicated teachers
  • State-of-the-art classrooms for hands-on learning
  • Social and emotional skill development
  • Community engagement and service opportunities
  • Healthy food and wellness education

Abriendo Puertas

Managing a child’s education can be overwhelming for any parent, but particularly so for those who didn’t receive a high-quality education themselves. That’s why we partnered with Abriendo Puertas (Spanish for Opening Doors), a nonprofit organization honoring and supporting parents as their child’s first and most influential teacher, to offer parents a way to engage with their children’s education.

It's an approach that intertwines home and family, teaching parents with children under five how to support their child’s social and language development at home. Since some of our preschoolers’ parents didn’t graduate high school or college, and English may not be their native language, Abriendo Puertas is a way to help a formal education feel less overwhelming for the entire family.

The tools Abriendo Puertas offers are useful regardless of a parent’s education level, so we invite all our parents with children under five to go through the program.

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