College is just a dream until you visit one

Summer camps and college tours prepare students for college and careers

For all the planning and preparations made prior to attending college, there’s something special about walking on a college campus in person. It’s a thrilling experience at a time when students are about to embark on one of the most exciting and transformative periods in their lives. And we encourage students to visit as many college campuses as they can before they graduate high school.  

Beginning in the ninth grade, students visit a variety of campuses within the University of California and California State University systems, as well as private colleges, so they can spend their high school years imagining themselves at their dream school. While on campus, students take tours, meet with current students, and participate in fun campus activities. We offer transportation, chaperones, food, and lodging at no additional cost to Wonderful Scholars and students attending Wonderful College Prep Academy schools.

College visits happen on weekends, school breaks, and over the summer. On-campus tours allow students to get a real feel for college life. Seeing schools in person, we hope, will further motivate our students to work toward their dreams of attending college.  

College and career summer camps

Every summer, nearly 1,000 students attend overnight college and career camps hosted at universities throughout California. Overnight camps allow students to experience college life firsthand, gain exposure to an array of career opportunities, learn about the path to college, and conduct their own college and career research.

These invaluable experiences ensure students—most of whom are first in their families to attend college—can transition successfully to their best possible college option.

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