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Over 150 Wonderful graduates have returned to work at one of our companies

At Wonderful, we care deeply about the experiences and success of our employees across the organization. So far, over 150 graduates from Wonderful Education programs and Wonderful College Prep Academy schools have returned to work at one of our companies. We invite you to read some of their stories.

Arturo Cabrera graduated from Fresno State in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in sociology, later earning a master’s degree in student affairs and college counseling in 2021. Cabrera is currently a college success coach for Wonderful Education in the Central Valley region, supporting Fresno State students.

He arrived in the U.S. when he was just seven years old and, at the time, no one in his family spoke English. As a first-generation college student, he aims to help bridge the gap for other first-generation college students to increase graduation rates.

Yehidy Gomez attended Wonderful College Prep Academy, where she completed the Ag Prep program. She says Wonderful Education not only allowed her to grow as a student but also gave her the mindset to flourish in future career opportunities. As a sales support representative at Wonderful Citrus, she has established fundamentals in the sales business and learned how to build relationships with customers.

Through the Ag Prep program, Gomez received her associate degree from Bakersfield College the summer after her high school graduation. Two years later, she received her bachelor’s degree in agricultural business from Fresno State at age 19. And at 20 years old, she purchased an investment property in Wasco that she hopes to rent out. In the future, she wants to earn her MBA.

Hector Gonzalez is an aspiring primary care physician who combines his passion for medicine and education to increase the standard of health for communities across the Central Valley, one of which he calls home. Upon graduating from Wonderful College Prep Academy, he attended the University of Southern California and received a Bachelor of Science in public health with a focus in the premedical sciences.  

As a health coach at the Delano Wonderful Wellness Center, Gonzalez empowered his patients to enact positive behavior changes that stretch across multiple dimensions of wellness: nutrition, physical activity, injury prevention, problem solving, self-management, and healthy coping. On a regular workday, he could be found at the Wellness Center performing blood draws, recording vital signs, and managing The Wonderful Company’s patient population diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  

Gonzalez often took his talents beyond the walls of the Wellness Center in the role of health coach—where he would simulate a healthy grocery shopping experience with his patients at the local market, accompany patients to their specialty appointments, and offer home visits to increase the accessibility of health care to all Wonderful families. Gonzalez started medical school in the fall of 2022 and plans to return to Wonderful after graduation.

We are committed to preparing the next generation by helping them discover careers they are passionate about. Wonderful is thrilled that so many graduates have chosen to continue working with us!

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