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Wonderful Classroom Grants fund teachers’ educational needs

No one knows what students need to thrive better than teachers. Many teachers face the dilemma of having to pay for supplies with their own money to provide their students the best learning experience possible. Wonderful Classroom Grants provide wide-ranging support for teachers in California’s Central Valley by funding projects that directly impact their students’ education.

Thank you so much for your generosity and the opportunity to provide students with Spanish literature that will allow them to successfully embark on the road to biliteracy. I appreciate your support and am grateful for the positive impact your donation will have on my students’ learning.

Ms. Corona

1st Grade Teacher, Del Rey Elementary School

Each fall, we invite public school teachers from over 165 eligible schools to apply for a grant of up to $2,000 to fund supplies, equipment, or field trips. From phlebotomy kits and musical instruments to college field trips and art supplies, classroom grants help teachers expand the possibilities for learning inside their classrooms. Wonderful awards up to $200,000 in grants annually.

I cannot express how thankful my students and I are for your generosity. My students will be so excited to dissect different organisms and learn about their evolutionary history. I think it will warm their hearts to know that there are people in the community who care about them and want them to be successful in school. Thank you for caring about student academic success.

Mrs. Naranjo

10th Grade Teacher, Wasco High School

Since the program began in 1999, we’ve awarded more than 2,000 teacher grants, investing $4.5 million in schools across the Central Valley.

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Thank you so much for funding my projects. The 3D printer will be used to create objects like proteins and DNA. And the VR headset will help students learn about human anatomy and physiology, as well as go on exciting virtual field trips underwater and to far-off places.

Mr. Norman

11th Grade Teacher, Selma High School

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