From students to professionals: Soldiers of Change visits The Wonderful Company headquarters  

Students visit Wonderful headquarters, immersing themselves in the synergy between education and industry

With a commitment to developing future leaders in the Central Valley, Wonderful College Prep Academy (WCPA) is proud to offer innovative and comprehensive programming that equips students with lifelong skills.

Years ago, our founder Lynda Resnick had a revelation—students themselves were the most qualified individuals to market to their peers. Recognizing their unique perspective on barriers to health, she envisioned students as soldiers of change on campus. To empower them with the necessary tools and skills, WCPA introduced the Soldiers of Change program as an elective option, exclusively available for 10th-grade students. This program was crafted to impart practical knowledge essential for launching impactful marketing campaigns. These young and ambitious change-makers have embarked on a diverse range of topics over the years, adopting a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Annually, the Soldiers of Change class, consisting of twenty students, has the opportunity to visit the headquarters of The Wonderful Company in Los Angeles. They participate in leadership training sessions, tour the Wonderful Agency, and attend a panel where they interact with executives in the marketing field.

During the panel discussions, eager students hear from a diverse group of professionals in public relations, marketing, and talent acquisition. This inclusive panel includes entry and mid-level individuals who share their experiences, offering a wide range of unique perspectives and insights. Students also have the opportunity to meet with a panel of senior executives, including the president of The Wonderful Agency, the company's chief corporate affairs officer, as well as the Wonderful Agency's chief creative officer, and its senior vice president of account services. Each executive shares advice and listens to students' ideas for upcoming marketing campaigns.

Here’s what some Soldiers of Change students have to say about their visit to The Wonderful Company:

  • “This was a really cool trip. It was great to hear from panelists that are just starting out in their careers and from those who have a lot more experience as well. This has inspired me to explore marketing as a career.”
  • “It was so awesome! The building has so much beautiful art and it was great to meet so many Wonderful employees and learn more about their backgrounds and how they got to where they are today.”
  • “This place is amazing! I learned so much about what it’s like to work at Wonderful, to launching a career in marketing, important skills when looking for a job and more.”

The impact of the Soldiers of Change program extends far beyond the classroom walls. By engaging with their communities and spreading awareness about healthy lifestyles, students become catalysts for positive change. Their marketing campaigns serve as beacons of inspiration, encouraging individuals of all ages to embrace a healthier and happier way of living.

Years ago, our founder Lynda Resnick had a revelation—students themselves were the most qualified individuals to market to their peers.

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