Holistic wellness in the Central Valley

Our approach to tackling physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness on every front

We believe it’s everyone’s fundamental right to have access to quality health care and we are committed to giving our employees and neighbors every opportunity to lead healthier lives. That’s why we partner with Wonderful Health & Wellness, which provides a holistic, wraparound approach to health care, addressing health and wellness on every front.

We wanted to make top-notch health care easily accessible to our employees and their families, so in 2015, we opened two on-site Wonderful Wellness Centers in Lost Hills and Delano. The centers offer exceptional free medical care, prescriptions, lab work, mental health services, health coaching, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and more.

The Wonderful Company has earned its strong reputation of investing in the well-being of Central Valley residents. From paving roads to developing parks and employee wellness centers, the company is living its motto of doing well by doing good.

Kiyoshi Tomono

Associate Vice President, Community Partnership, Adventist Health Bakersfield

To make health and wellness part of every workday, the cafeterias at our facilities only serve affordable, healthy meals, the break rooms have free healthy snacks, and we’ve removed sugary drinks from all our facilities. We have fully equipped gyms on site, and if our employees can’t make it to the gym, Zumba class and Move 10 programs go to work. And for those employees and their families who don’t live close to our Wellness Centers, our mobile clinics bring our doctors to them.


On-site Wonderful Wellness Centers

At The Wonderful Company, we are committed to giving our employees and their families the opportunity to lead healthier lives. But leading a healthy life is not easy in California’s Central Valley. A 2015 study found that the region has 40 percent fewer doctors per capita than in the rest of the state.

That’s why we collaborate with community members and Wonderful Health & Wellness, with the goal of offering quality care on every front: on site for our employees, on campus for our preschool, and at home, through our mobile clinic. Wonderful Health & Wellness also provides quality care at on-campus health clinics at Wonderful College Prep Academy schools.

The Wonderful Wellness Centers in our Lost Hills and Delano facilities are the centerpiece of our program and help our Central Valley employees meet their health care needs. At these on-site clinics, we provide free medical care for our employees and their dependents.

Both of our Wonderful Wellness Centers are staffed with full-time, bilingual doctors, nurses, and health coaches. They provide a warm and welcoming environment, including special waiting rooms for children, healthy snacks, and check-your-health stations. A critical part of good health is getting enough rest, so we even offer seminars on the importance of healthy sleep habits and give employees paid time off to attend.

Most importantly, these health experts take a collaborative, team-based approach to care. While these clinics have made it easier for our employees to lead healthier lives, we still have some who live far away. In these cases, we have check-your-health stations in the plants and orchards that enable virtual doctor visits.

I have to take care of myself. My family needs me. As long as I can stay healthy, I know that I’ll be there to help them.

Alejandro Alaniz

Zone Leader, Kings Facility, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds


Preventative care

The best way to stay healthy and to stay out of the emergency room is to see a doctor regularly. Preventative care is meant to detect minor illness and medical problems and helps prevent them from becoming major. Annual checkups and immunizations, as well as tests and screenings, can help detect illness before it’s too late—which is why we have made it easy for our employees to access top-notch health care at our Wellness Centers and mobile clinics.  


Mobile health clinic

To increase access to exceptional health care beyond our two Wonderful Wellness Centers, we have our mobile clinic. It’s a full-service clinic on wheels that meets our employees and their families in more rural communities where they live, including Del Rey, Avenal, and beyond.

Staffed with compassionate, bilingual doctors and nurses, the mobile clinic offers physicals, immunizations, nutritional counseling, mental health coaching, and more—all free of charge. The mobile clinic also played a crucial role in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, providing life-saving vaccines to people in some of the most remote areas in the Central Valley.  

The mobile clinic has proven to be a huge health care asset to families living in more remote areas of the Central Valley—reaching those who otherwise might not make it to the doctor at all.


CHIEF Medical Officer, Wonderful Health & Wellness

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